The Green-Walled Treehouse is open for submissions!

Do you know a writer who is interested in sharing their ideas and stories with the world? The Green-Walled Treehouse is now accepting submissions for creative works that will be published on the site. If you or someone you know is interested, you can fill out one of the three submission forms below. You can also find them in the Submissions tab of The Green-Walled Treehouse.

For Writers of All Ages

This is a call for submissions of original stories that would be suitable for kids or teenagers. You can click the image above to submit a story or read the full submission guidelines here.

For Young Writers (0-18 years old)

Besides the original story submissions, there are two other types that young writers can submit. This is because we want to give young writers a dedicated chance to have their stories published and their ideas heard.

Story Seeds

This is a chance for young writers to share the idea for a story that we will write a story around, giving them credit for the idea. You can submit an idea by clicking on the image above or read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Muse on Monday

Every Monday, we publish a writing prompt called Muse on Monday. Young writers can submit their own story based on the prompt and get the chance to have it published the following week with the new prompt. You can submit your story by clicking on the image above or read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

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