Story Seeds FAQ

Every story starts with an idea

Just as every tree starts from a tiny seed, every story in existence started with an idea.

This is where you come in. Story Seeds is a place where kids can share their ideas for a story and we will write it for them and give them credit for the idea. It’s the first step to sharing their creativity and unique outlook with the world.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in this.

How do I submit an idea?

You can fill out a submission form here. You can put as many or as few details as you want about the story and we can fill in the gaps.

When will my story idea be published?

It really depends on how many story ideas we receive. We will try to write stories for all of the ideas that we get, however. We will email you when the story will be published.

Are there some story ideas you won’t do?

We will try to write stories for all the ideas we get. However, there are a few situations where we might not be able to do it exactly as you say. These are:

  • When the story is too close to an existing story. For example, a story about a boy who goes to a school for wizards and witches is too close to the Harry Potter books, so we would have to change it a little.
  • When you give existing character names. If you submit an idea with Anna and Elsa in it, we will have to change the names since those are already used in Disney’s Frozen.
  • When the idea has disturbing or adult themes. This blog is for kids of all ages so we don’t want to write any stories that are too scary or too adult. We might put it on my other blog, The Green-Walled Tower, but not here.
  • When the idea is too big. We are aiming to write stories between 100 and 1000 words long. Some ideas are wonderful but can’t be done properly in that short of a space. In that case, we might write only a part of it.

If there is some reason we cannot write the story as you have given the idea, we will contact you and let you know and maybe we can change it a little to make it work.

How will you credit me with the idea?

We want to give you credit for the ideas you submit. We will write your name and a little about you at the beginning of the story, if you choose to write that down. If you don’t want your name published, that’s perfectly fine. We will still let you know when the story comes out.

Do I own the story?

The story is owned by the writer but we will always give you credit if you give me the idea. That being said, we do not plan to make any money from these stories. The idea is that they are here for people all over the world to read freely.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Definitely. You will have to fill out the form every time but that is perfectly fine with us if you want to give us more than one idea

I am a teacher. Can I get my whole class to submit ideas?

Absolutely! We will take as many ideas as you would like to send us. That is a great class project too, to see the different ideas and the stories that come out of them. You can check the Resources page for more class projects and ideas or contact me at