Original Story Submission Guidelines

Who can submit stories:

Anyone of any age as long as it is a story that you wrote yourself.

How to submit your story:

You can submit a story by filling out a submission form here. If you have questions or artwork to submit as well, you can email, but you will need to fill out the submission form and send the story that way.

Types of stories:

Fiction of any genre or type but it has to be appropriate for people 18 years or younger. Poetry is okay as long as it would be something children or teenagers would enjoy. Funny stories are always good.


Nothing longer than 5000 words, but the sweet spot is between 500 and 1500 words long. The longer it is, the better quality it would have to be. If it is for younger kids, then shorter is better.


Since this site is for children and teenagers, we try to always include some kind of artwork with the stories to make them more visually interesting. If you have your own artwork that goes with the story, you can email it to greenwalledtreehouse@gmail.com. It must be artwork that you have created yourself or that you have permission to use (e.g. public domain). If you don’t have artwork, we will create some to go with the story.


We do not pay for stories. The Green-Walled Treehouse is intended as a place where people can share their stories with the world and can get experience writing and publishing.

Multiple Submissions:

You can submit as many stories as you want. However, please fill out a submission form for each story so it is not confusing.

Simultaneous Submissions:

If you submit a story here, please do not submit it somewhere else at the same time. We should be able to respond to you within a few days to let you know if we can publish your story.

Response Time:

Usually less than a week. We will usually let you know in 1-2 days but sometimes things get busy.

What information do you need to include:

We need to know your name, age range, and country at least, but I will not publish your name if you don’t want and I will never give out your age or any other personal information about you to anyone. If you are submitting a story as part of a school project and your teacher gave you a code, you can enter that too.

If you have any questions about this or anything else about writing, you can email us at greenwalledtreehouse@gmail.com.