Muse on Monday – January 30, 2023

Hello Musers, and welcome to another Monday! Setting is an important part of storytelling since where and when a story takes place will have a big impact on the story. There is something wrong if a story that takes place in India in the 1800s and on Mars in the 2400s are exactly the same….

Writing Corner: World Building

World Building Story World: the setting of a story The nice thing about fiction is that you, the writer, make the rules. When you write non-fiction, you are (hopefully) limited by facts. But with fiction, you can change whatever you want to fit the story. This is especially true with the setting, or story world….

Writing Corner: Setting

Setting The place and the time when the story happens When we think of setting, we often think of the place where a story happens, but there are actually two parts to setting: the place where it happens and the time when it happens, meaning if the story takes place in the past, the present,…