Muse on Monday FAQ

What is Muse on Monday?

This is a series of weekly story prompts that are posted on The Green-Walled Treehouse each Monday. They might be a set of story elements (for example) or occasionally a picture of piece of music or other things. It is a chance to use your creativity to write a story you might not have written by yourself.

Each week we will post stories from the previous week’s prompts along with the new week’s prompts.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate.

How do I submit a story?

You can submit a story by filling out a form here. You have from the time the prompt is posted on Monday to Sunday at 12:00pm EST (GMT-4). If it’s later than that, you can still submit it: We would love to read it and we might be able to post it by itself later.

If I submit a story, is it guaranteed to be published on the site?

Unfortunately, no. We will do our best to publish as many as possible but there is not space to publish all submissions. However, we will still read your story and give you comments on it, if you wish. We may also save it and publish it later.

Do I have to follow the writing prompts?  

Of course, you don’t have to do anything, but part of the fun of a writing prompt is thinking in a different way, and then reading stories that other people have written with the same prompts to see how they used them differently.

What if I have a picture to go with my story?

Wonderful! If you have a picture, you can email it to us at and if we choose to publish your story, we will put the picture with it. Make sure you tell us your name when you email the picture. It should also be a clear scan or photograph, so we can see your picture clearly.

I am a teacher. Can I get my whole class to write stories for a prompt?

Absolutely! This is a great activity to do as a class since students can see how other people use the same elements to write much different stories. We would not be able to publish all of them if they were submitted, but we would do as many as we could. You can also check the Resources page for more class projects and ideas.

If you have any questions about this or anything else about writing, you can email us at