Muse on Monday – February 6, 2023

People like to share messages—to share a bit of themselves with the world. This is common online, but it’s also common in the real world in subtler ways, such as bumper stickers, T-shirts, baseball hats or stickers on their books or laptop.

Right now I am at a coffee shop wearing a shirt that says Write On, a hat with a map of Canada on it sitting next to me, and writing on a computer with a Nanowrimo sticker on it, among many others. It’s not hard tell some things about me. Likewise, I can tell a lot about the girl at the next table, just based on the stickers on her laptop.

Story Prompt: February 6, 2023

Take a look at the messages that people share about themselves as you go through the week. Use that as inspiration for a story. It can either be a story based on things you’ve seen or a story about people using those messages.

If you want to share your story, you can either email me at or submit it at the link here. I’d love to publish your story as well.

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  1. Oh David, I loved this, especially the graphic. I think I’ve seen that girl her pencil front and center to makes notes on file cards she’s never without, in case she has an idea. This reminds me, as a writer, to just pay attention to all things around me; to be observant. As a reader, I love details so this is a good reminder to jot down those observations that could layer a story. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you! Originally I just had the words, but then I created the girl too on impulse to give it a bit more impact.


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