copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
When I saw this photo prompt, I thought of the streetcars and how they were tethered to a specific route.


“Come on, it’s New Year’s.” Maria’s tone was pleading. “Show off those new cybers. Put my dancing to shame with your robot legs.”

My new upgrades let me bench press 800 pounds and run a 3-minute mile, but I couldn’t afford good batteries. The club said its wireless electricity for fully T6 but what if it failed? The thought of running low on power, seizing up, and having to be carried home was pure horror.

“I’ll just stay here,” I said. I had everything I needed: power, internet and all the food and drink I could order. “Happy New Year.”

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  1. Bill says:

    This could be the EV sitting in my drive right now. Enough can be enough. 🙂


    1. Very true. Technology is only as good as the infrastructure it needs to support it.

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  2. A sensible choice, why risk it?


  3. neilmacdon says:

    With each advance in convenience come new dreads


  4. James McEwan says:

    A cyber/robotic man on the dance floor, I would expect he dances better than me. I appreciate the theme, I frequently forget to top up my Phone.


  5. granonine says:

    A hard concept for me to get my head around. I think I’d rather stick with the fully human. My knee replacements have no robotics involved 🙂


  6. Love the line… Put my dancing to shame with your robot legs.” Your robot sounds shy so I think, how nice she was to be so encouraging. And, I’ll bet they both ended up dancing up a storm. 🙂

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    1. Maybe. You can decide the next part of the story. 🙂

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      1. I’m not as clever as you my friend. I also say, you should leave your imagination to science. 🙂


  7. Michael says:

    I hope that the dance floor is sound. Great storyline

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    1. Good point, I’m sure those upgrades aren’t exactly light. 🙂


  8. Dear David,

    There’s always a downside to upgrades. isn’t there? Intriguing story.



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  9. Patricia Clair says:

    Sometimes even a T6 just wants to play it chill and be comfy!

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  10. msjadeli says:

    Cool story with a cool title. Vision of the future without question.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa. Happy New Year!

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      1. msjadeli says:

        You’re welcome 🙂


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