The Path of the Mail Carrier

The Path of the Mail Carrier

Let’s watch the mail carrier from high above. His path is like the stitching from a sewing machine: a straight line punctuated by frequent dips to the right as he delivers his letters and bills and junk mail to each mailbox.

From above, he is light blue oblong with a mailbag sticking off one side. He moves along the city sidewalk, waving at people on the steps of the houses as he passes.

He has reached a mail drop box. We can see him opening it, pulling out the envelopes and pushing them into an organized pile.

Someone is rushing towards him, a young woman it looks like. If we zoom in a little, we can see she is upset. There is no sound this high up, but she is imploring the mail carrier, practically begging on her knees. From her gestures we could guess that she put a letter in the box and is now regretting it. Did she mail it without a stamp? Was it sent to the wrong person? There is no way to know from up here.

The mail carrier is listening. Then he starts flipping through the stack of letters that he got from the box. Reaching in, he takes out some more and sorts through them as well. The woman is holding her hands to her face.

He pulls out an envelope. It’s pink and even from up here, we can see the large heart on the back. He shows it to her and she grabs it. Then she throws her arms around the mail carrier, almost sending letters flying everywhere. She runs back into one of the buildings, turning at the door to wave. He waves back, then continues on his sewing-machine-stitch path.

Just another day for the superhero known as the mail carrier.

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  1. Oh David, I SO LOVE THIS. Really. You need to send somewhere. It’s one of your absolute best. Truly. I love the hug of gratitude at the end. We all need more of those.n 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s fun to take away all but one sense to leave the reader guessing at the details. Glad it turned out well.

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      1. Love looking down at the whole event. That really made the story for me.

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  2. PS I also love the aerial view. What a great idea to see what a bird would see. 🙂

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