Everything is OK

Everything is OK

I’ve been worried about everything so far. For most teenagers, this is a normal phenomenon. And from time to time it will get bigger if you don’t solve it. You don’t realize it so quickly. The same thing happened to me.

Starting from the 6th grade, I had a big mental trauma, which is associated with a special school. This story began when I was in the first grade. I heard about this school from my grandmother. According to the word of my grandmother, it was the best school in the world. This school allowed their students to study abroad, especially in the USA. It really fascinated me as a kid who had seen a lot of cartoons about the USA. From that moment on, I thought only about it. I thought my parents wouldn’t let me go to the courses. So I studied hard at school to pass this entrance test. While the teachers in the classroom asked us about our dreams, I talked about this school every time.

When there were 2 months left before the test, I persuaded my parents to send me to additional courses. I studied hard and put all my effort into it. But I couldn’t pass this test. After this situation, all my plans failed. Before I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I didn’t get in. In my opinion, it looked like an impossible situation. I couldn’t stand the words about it before. Because when I heard them, my mind automatically criticized itself, blamed me and I wanted to cry. When someone started talking to me about it, I wanted to run away from that person and place.

Now I write that with a smile.

Always remember that you are more than enough. You tried very hard, if everything didn’t happen the way you imagined, it’s absolutely fine. In the future, you will achieve things MUCH BETTER than this. Don’t compare yourself to others. Because everyone has their own stories that are unique from person to person. It’s hard. Yes, I know. Think about it: will this situation make a difference in 5 years, 10 years or will decide your life? Your answer will probably be no, so don’t worry. Everything is OK!

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  1. This is so moving since all of us have a story like yours. But the important thing is to try. If it doesn’t work the way we had hoped, we just have to try again.

    I really loved that you wrote this since, everybody, not just teens coming into their own, need to hear it. 🙂


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