Love Yourself

Love Yourself

I have finished my dance club and finally got my diploma. It’s hard to accept because I’ve had a lot of experience both physically and mentally.

At the age of 11, I was overweight, so I heard a lot of words about my weight from classmates. After that, I had an inferiority complex, I immediately began to lose weight. I even counted the calories.

Then, fortunately, I changed the group. But after a few years, I had complexes about my height. From the 1st grade I was the tallest in my class. And my classmates told me a lot of jokes about my height. Then I really wanted to reduce my height. I was embarrassed to tell my parents about my weight and height. Even in a dance club, I’ve heard claims that if I was shorter than I was, I’d be in first place because I’m really good at dancing.

I am absolutely convinced that our mental health depends on our community. Now I don’t care about my weight, height. And I changed my characteristics. Also I’m not shy anymore. Personally, I think we should try everything we can rather than regret that we didn’t. It’s a good idea to remind yourself that life is short.

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