Muse on Monday – January 31, 2022

One part of writing fiction is putting yourself in your characters’ shoes. Sure, you know what you would do, but what would they do? Everyone has their own personalities and histories. It’s up to you, as the writer, to decide not only what your characters do, but why they do it.

Which brings us to this week’s writing prompt. It is a hypothetical situation.

You can give superpowers to other people, but not to yourself.

You can write about what you would do, or you can create a character and think what they would do in this situation.

If you write a story and want to share it, you can submit it at this link or email it to I might pick one to publish next Monday when the new prompt comes out.

Have a wonderful week! Happy writing and see you around real soon.

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  1. I like the concept of putting yourself in your character’s shoes. You recycle yourself on the page, perhaps polishing past events the way you wished they might have ended, or awarding the hero of your story with more of something that you long to have, like pluck or courage, compassion and generosity. The choices a writer has are limitless. The page, our easel.

    These prompts of yours David, really make me think. So thanks.

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    1. Definitely. The more people watching you do too, the better characters can be. There are lots of inspirations out there for great characters.

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      1. You’re telling me. Like a huge buffet. 🙂


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