Muse on Monday – January 17, 2022, featuring “The Birthday Present”

Happy Monday! It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, so many schools and businesses are closed today. Scroll down to read a story based on last week’s prompt: The Birthday Present, by Lyailya.

This week’s prompt is based on the picture below. It was taken in a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Write any story that you think of when you look at it. If you like, you can submit it through the submission form here to have a chance to have it published next week, or post it on your own site and send me the link.

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And now, a story based on last week’s prompt.

The Birthday Present

The world ended on Friday, which was a surprise. Even though it was supposed to happen on Sunday, the natural processes do not always come as scheduled. That Friday morning started as another beautiful day as I am always keen to start with the fresh air that comes from a window that stays open during the summertime.

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and looked to the mirror:

— Happy 7th Birthday to me”, I said as I was brushing my hair. I happily stepped downstairs, wondering what my parents prepared for my birthday. They knew that I wanted new iPods, so probably this is what I will get. As I thought about my possible birthday present, unconsciously the smile was spreading all over my face.

— Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Jeremy, my dad was singing as I entered the kitchen. My mood lifted, even more, when I saw the chocolate cake on a table.

— How are you feeling today, son? asked my dad.

— Great! Where is Mom? I surprisingly asked searching for her with my eyes.

— She went for a surprise.

— Really? I said, urgently and at the same time cheerfully. My hopes for the present soured me. My dad and I sat at a table and enjoyed our breakfasts, eating the chocolate cake afterward. Then, I wanted to go outside to ride a bike, as suddenly my father said:

— Jerry, we need to go to take the surprise. Go dress up.

I swiftly run upstairs, falling halfway until I reached my wardrobe where I picked the most elegant clothes. As I wore them, I run downstairs towards the car. All of it took me only 3 minutes. I was hesitantly waiting for my father as he was only about to get dressed. In order to kill time, I started jumping around. Later sweaty, I ruined my favourite clothes because I fell

down, bumping on a rock. However, these little things were not an issue for me because I was about to get my birthday present.

— I am all set, Jerry. Let’s go and get your birthday present! said my dad and the car finally moved from the parking lot.

All the way down the road I was looking through the car window, enjoying my day. We were bypassing the gas station, as suddenly the car turned to the local state hospital. The confusion overtook me, and I questioned my father on what occasion we are doing there.

— Son, there is your surprise which you are going to find out less than in 5 minutes.

— In the hospital?

— Yep! my father screamed as the joy was rippling through him. He closed my eyes as we entered the hospital’s administration point and led me all the way through the hall to the room. There we stood in front of the closed door, which was about to be opened.

— Are you ready to get your surprise, Jerry? asked my father, nervously, along with the feeling of excitement.

— Of course, Dad! I was waiting for my surprise almost for 3 months. He slightly pushed the door, and I entered the room where I saw my mother laying on the hospital bed. I silently stepped towards her, thinking she might be asleep. But as I moved closer I saw a little baby lying beside her.

— Happy Birthday, Jeremy! This is Emy — your little sister, — said my mother. I was astonished, arms shaking, legs barely balancing.

— Are you happy with your present, Jerry? – asked my father.

— My present? She? – I haltingly screamed, giving a quick bark of laughter…I never thought the world would end there in this very minute within the four walls of the hospital’s room. Reaching up a hand to lightly clasp my throat, I sat on my knees, praying for God for a better afterlife. To be precise, I was praying for a better life with a new coming sister. That Friday the world ended because she was born the same day as I did.

This meant she took the part of my world as she came on this Earth.

If you have an idea for a prompt, either a picture, first line, or anything else, leave me a comment or send me an email at Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I’m so impressed by the essay and now the new photo that’s up. The word that comes to mind is majestic along with old world. Lisbon like most cities in Europe have avid respect for the old, unlike in America where we’re always knocking something down to make something that will glean more revenue.

    As for The Birthday Present. We all should be presented with an Emy at least once in our lives/ I saw the whole thing so clearly, thanks to the author. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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