5 Emoticons with a Story

5 Emoticons with a Story

Long ago, before we emojis like 😊 and 😎, people would make them out of characters on the keyboard (like : ) for a smile.) These are called emoticons and you have to turn your head to see them. Here are some emoticons you may not know and the stories that go with them.

Filbert is a little boy who always smiles, even when he is asleep. Right now, he is sleeping in a pile of blankets and dreaming of a land of ice cream. All we can see is his smile.

Penelope washes dishes in a restaurant after school to earn money for her family. She works hard but she’s still happy, even when she’s carrying a stack of plates so high we can only see her eyes peeking over the top.

Victoria loves to stand on her head to see the world in a different way. Suddenly, it looks like everyone is standing on the ceiling! She’s looking at you upside down right now.

Dusty loves rabbits so much that he had a doctor put rabbit ears and a rabbit nose on his face. His family is not sure what they think, but as long as he has enough lettuce, Dusty is happy.

Elizabeth and Muriel are best friends. Right now they are hooked up with helmets to let them read each other’s thoughts. “You like pizza too?” they think. “Wow, I never knew that!”

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