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There once was a boy named Stanley who had a unicorn for a friend. The unicorn’s name was Amber and she lived in a cave with other unicorns under a tower in the town cemetery. One day, Stanley was walking in the cemetery and found an ear of magic One Corn (which is what unicorns eat) lying on the ground. He ate a few kernels and grew a small horn himself. This is when Amber found him and they soon became friends.

The next year, Stanley and Amber decided to take a trip together. After all, he was nine years old, which is halfway to being an adult. They decided to go to Southeast Asia, to explore the countries there and see if they could find any unicorns living in that part of the world.

This is the plot of my new children’s book Stanley and Amber in Southeast Asia, which I am officially releasing today in print and on e-book. This started out as a Flat Stanley project for my niece and her elementary class but it grew into much more than that. It is based on my own travels, so it is almost 100% true, except of course, the parts that aren’t. If you know of anyone who would like to read it, please share this with them. It is available three ways:

Hardcover print book at $26.00

Unfortunately because this is a photo book, it is in color and hardcover, so the print cost is a bit expensive. However, it’s really good quality if you would like one.

Kindle e-book at Amazon: $1.99

Again, because it has a lot of pictures, I couldn’t make it free, but this is the lowest price Amazon would let me make it.

PDF e-book at The Green-Walled Treehouse: Absolutely free!

Feel free to download this and share it with anyone. This is a good format to read on a computer or for teachers who might want to show it on a projector in class.

If you do happen to purchase this and enjoy it, please rate and review it. This helps make it more visible on the websites.

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