Cay and the Homework Chase

Cay and the Homework Chase

Cay lived in a house on the Moon with his mom and dad and rocket-dog Squiddie. He went to elementary school every day, but he could not walk there. His school was on Earth.

It was Monday and Cay was very tired. He had been playing moon-golf with his friends all day on Sunday. He yawned as he hugged his mom and dad and climbed into Squiddie. Squiddie was a tek-animal so he could turn into a rocket or a dog.

Squiddie blasted into space. He could go really fast but still Cay fell asleep before they reached school. He woke up when they landed. Cay went to class and Squiddie went to play with the other tek-animals.

“Pass your homework to the front,” said his teacher, Mrs. Elliot.

Oh, no! Cay had forgotten his homework. He told his teacher. “Can I bring it tomorrow?” he asked.

“No, you have to go get it,” she said. “Today is the last day to give it to me.”

Cay went out and called Squiddie. Squiddie was confused. It wasn’t time to go home yet. Still, he changed into a rocket and off they went.

At home on the Moon, his parents had already gone to work. Only the house was left.

“What are you doing home?” the house asked. “Are you sick?”

“I left my homework on the kitchen table,” Cay said.

“Oh, no!” the house said. “I thought that was just garbage. I threw it away and the garbage ship just came.”

The garbage ship came every day and brought all the garbage to a big pile on Venus.

Cay was afraid to go back to school without the homework. “Come on, Squiddie,” he said. “Let’s go to Venus and find my homework.”

Venus was a very hot planet. Most of the garbage melted or burned up. Cay got to the planet just as the garbage ship was dumping all the garbage into the pile. A lot of the garbage burned up right away.

“Hi Cay,” the garbage ship driver Wiggs said over his radio. He was friends with Cay’s parents. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for my homework,” Cay said. “But I guess it’s burned up now.”

“No, I saw it when I picked up your garbage,” Wiggs said. “It looked important so I gave it to your dad as he was going to work.”

Oh, no! Cay’s dad worked on Mars, which was very far away. Cay’s dad had a rocket-lion named Fire-Kitten who could go there very fast, but it would take Squiddie a long time to go there. But Cay needed his homework, so off they went.

It was the middle of the morning before they reached Mars. Squiddie was getting very tired. Cay went to his father’s office.

“Cay, what are you doing here?” his father asked.

“I need my homework,” Cay said. “Wiggs said you had it.”

“Here you go,” his dad said. “I was going to give it to you tonight. I’m sorry you had to come all the way here. You can’t be so forgetful.”

“I know,” Cay said. He hugged his dad and back they went to Earth.

It was lunchtime by the time they got back to school on Earth. Squiddie immediately turned into a dog and went to sleep. Cay ran into class and gave the homework to his teacher.

“Where were you?” she cried.

“Everywhere,” Cay said. “But I found it.”

“Well, you missed morning classes,” she said. “It’s lunchtime now.”

Cay looked in his bag. Oh no! He had forgotten his lunch too. And now Squiddie was too tired to go back to get it. Cay would be hungry for the rest of the day.

A rocket appeared in the sky and landed by the school. Cay saw that it was his mother’s rocket-frog Tulip. She got out, holding Cay’s lunch.

“You silly boy,” she said. “You were so sleepy this morning, you forgot your lunch, so I thought I would come here from work on Mercury to give it to you. I’m glad I found you before you went home for it. I wouldn’t want you to make an extra trip.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Cay said and hugged her. “I think I’ve traveled enough for today.”

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