Muse on Monday – March 13, 2023

In stories there are a lot of possible sources of conflict, from external sources like an enemy, a rival company, a personal rival, etc. or from internal sources, like doubt, past trauma, addiction and so on. For this prompt, let’s look only at physical danger, where possibly your life or someone else’s could be in danger.

Story Prompt: March 13, 2023

Write a story about a specific physical danger that you have not written about before.

For example, an allergy could be a source of physical danger or a stairwell that the landlord refuses to fix. There are many options you could choose from, from the fantastical to the mundane.

If you want to share your story, you can either email me at or submit it at the link here. I’d love to publish your story as well.

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  1. I love how you gave two choices though leaning toward physical danger. Reminded me of when I saw that kid in the park early in the morning thinking he might rob me. Or when I turn quickly thinking someone is coming up behind me. The chill one gets. It becomes mentally physical as well as bodily. Such an interesting concept to write about.

    Missed Muse On Monday last week. It’s become a beginning of the week staple. 🙂


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