Like a Boat Town Commute

Like a Boat Town Commute

I strained at the oars of my dinghy.


The school had drifted during the night, and I could just see its flag out beyond the diner.

I passed merchants paddling out to create the day’s floating market. A few shouted encouragement.

I rounded the church and spotted the school through a lane of open water a quarter mile away.

Something floated into view, blocking the school from sight. The arcade.


I was already late. I could waste thirty minutes and try to slip into second period unnoticed. To be fair, it’d only be the second time that week.

* The term “like a boat town commute” has the meaning of something that is routine but also completely up to chance. It originated in a series of utopian communities founded in the 1980s where all buildings were on floating platforms as a way of combatting rising sea levels. The platforms were not permanently moored, causing them to shift over time. The communities were featured in the documentary “Boat Towns” by Swedish filmmaker Kurt Ek in 1986, which also popularized the saying.

** The above piece of trivia is entirely fictional; however, it fit too perfectly with this story not to include here.

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  1. Love the history you included. 🙂


  2. neilmacdon says:

    Not so much that he left school as that the school left him


  3. I enjoyed the scene you created; a town on the water with an arcade floating by to distract him.


  4. James McEwan says:

    A story that sets the town adrift. I reckon a few anchors are needed to keep this community together.


  5. CGraith says:

    An interesting world to live in. Thanks for sharing.


  6. granonine says:

    Someone was talking to me as I tried to read this. Third time through, I finally got it and laughed out loud! Great take 🙂


  7. Michael Humphris says:

    Your story grabbed my imagination, I enjoyed the ride


  8. Dear David,

    Obviously this kid isn’t committed to his education. 😉 Very clever story. What kid doesn’t wish their school would float away?




  9. msjadeli says:

    David, I can see why you’d write about that after seeing the pic. Now I want to see that documentary.


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