The B.U.G. (Big Unfriendly Giant)

The B.U.G. (Big Unfriendly Giant)

Bus ticket to Mount Crius Park: $15.60

Snacks for six-hour hike where I found the BUG: $6.35.

Search and rescue efforts after he took me to his cave: $38,500.

Collect call to my parents at rest stop after escaping: $2.36.

Cost of his following me home:

          Rest stop shelter: $65,800

          Fifteen cars: $410,498

          Fire hydrant: $6210

          Hedge: $377

          Our back shed: $825

Therapy bills of witnesses: $5100

Bullets fired by police: $25.62

Medical bills for police: $84,732.34

Expression of bullies who met us going to school the next day: Priceless?

No, there will be a price eventually.

Worth it?


This takes off the BFG, by Roald Dahl, plus old Mastercard commercials.

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  1. This is a riot David. That bug gave the term, bugged all new meaning.

    Worth it?


    This is one of your VERY BEST. 🙂


  2. Dear David,

    Tell me more. Who doesn’t love seeing a bully get what’s coming to him. Thanks for the intriguing photo. 😉



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    1. I did take that concept a bit from the end of Neverending Story, but yeah, good karma. 🙂


  3. Bill says:

    Priceless, indeed. I’m surprised the therapy bills were not more.


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