Muse on Monday – August 29, 2022

Would you want to know everything? It would simplify some things and massively complicate other things. And you’d always know how a book ended before you read it, so that would be annoying.

Much of the conflict in stories is based on a lack of key knowledge: for instance, romantic comedies often hinge on a misunderstanding between the characters (e.g. the girl he’s hugging is his sister, not his girlfriend); spy movies are about who the mole in the operation is or what the secret password it; adventure movies might be about the location of the lost temple, etc. If characters knew everything, stories would be a lot less interesting.

Story Prompt: August 29, 2022

Write a story that depends on one key piece of information.

If you want to share your story, you can either email me at or submit it at the link here. I’d love to publish your story as well.

Remember to get enough sleep.

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  1. I just penned an essay about finding a baby in a carriage unattended. It has a happy ending but for a few minutes, it seemed as if I might become a foster mom. Whew…close call.

    Love Muse on Monday. Such a wonderful concept you’ve created David. Your prompt always filets writing right down the middle. 🙂


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