What is the Meaning of Life? Food? Yes!

What’s the Meaning of Life? Food? Yes!

All my life goes around food.

I bake to entertain. In 2020, when quarantine started, I was bored. We all sat at home for about a month without going outside except going to our garden. At that moment I started trying activities: started sewing and finished by bringing Minecraft to life. All this stuff wasn’t interesting for me after trying it for some time. However, I tried to cook some food and then bake cakes. At first, of course, it was terrible. But after gaining some experience my cakes became good-looking and delicious! I enjoy baking cakes. It’s a very fascinating process.

I bake to be liked. After 2 months of baking cakes, I started to make them for orders. I earn a lot of money from that. It also helped my parents with finances during the pandemic period.

I bake to be loved. In our family, we have one tradition. We don’t buy cakes at our family’s and friends’ birthdays. Because I bake for them special cakes which they love with a full heart!

I bake to grow as a human. Through my experience of baking, I’ve recognized the human qualities and jobs of my life. To speak about qualities while baking I learned how to be honest and have integrity. It’s being honest and having strong moral principles: moral uprightness. Also, I found what I want to do further in my life. Probably you’re thinking it’s baking but no. It’s connected with chemistry. While baking I mixed a lot of things it’s like in chemistry a mixture of chemicals.

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  1. Liked this a lot, and the graphic is so great. The colors pop off the page. i’m sure the author was pleased.

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