Muse on Monday – May 30, 2022

Because of movies, we tend to think of action stories as having to do with fighting, crime or some other sort of swashbuckling adventure, usually since those are the most exciting stories to watch. However, an action story can be any kind of high-energy story that has a fair bit of movement. This week, I challenge you to expand your conception of what kind of action story is possible.

This week’s prompt:

Write an action story in an everyday setting.

This can be any sort of story, from deadly serious to absurd, but just make it take place in a realistic setting.

I’m going to post my story for the prompt next week, but if you want to share your story too, you can either email me at or submit it at the link here for a chance to have it posted on the site next week.

Happy Memorial Day to those in the US.

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