Muse on Monday – April 4, 2022

Personally, I love the idea of doors, tunnels, and portals. They lead somewhere else, either to an actual magical other world, like Narnia, or maybe just to a whole new experience. They are a great inspiration for stories since stories are all about moving from one state to another: leaving here and going there, whatever that might mean in your story.

This week’s prompt is to write a story from the picture above. It can be any kind of story you want, just whatever comes to you when you look at this. I’d love to read it if you write one: you can either email me at or submit it at the link here for a chance to have it posted with next week’s prompt.

Get enough sleep and dream big.

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  1. What a great inspiring photo. I too love the idea of portals taking us to another realm. Narnia is a wonderful example. 🙂


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