Muse on Monday – March 28, 2022

Stories are built on conflict and a lot of the conflict in life is built on either a lack of information or having the wrong information. Arguably, having the wrong information and thinking it is right is worse and so provides more conflict. Think about a love story where a misunderstanding drives the two love interests apart or a spy story where the hero mistakenly thinks his best friend is a traitor. Or a mystery where the hero has been framed and has to find the real killer.

Today’s prompt is the following:

Write a story about a character having the wrong information.

This can be any genre and any type of story. It can be funny or deadly serious.

If you do write a story and would be willing to share it with me, you can email me at I’d love to read it. You can also submit it at this link for a chance of getting it published with next week’s prompt. If you post it on your own site, send me the link.

Have a good week. Stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Being famous for getting things wrong, I could really sink my teeth into this week’s prompt. Just now I couldn’t find something that means a lot to me, beginning my morning on hands and knees searching for my lost treasure deciding, someone was in my apartment…an inside job since there are keys to be had in case of an emergency. While doing my best Raymond Chandler, voila…treasure found.

    Funny that I should read this now. Did you hear that? It was God giggling.

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    1. I recently spent weeks looking for some receipts that were in my wallet the whole time. Such is life. 🙂

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      1. Fatigue my friend…fatigue…it excels at sleight of hand.

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      2. Too true. Usually it’s harmless like forgetting for the umpteenth time that I’ve left my coffee in the microwave, but it’s the situations like driving you got to watch out for.

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      3. Writers are perpetually in thought. I think that’s the culprit when we are forgetful. I know I need to remind myself to pay attention especially when out and about since, I’m up in the clouds half the time.


      4. Me too, or I’ll be jogging in loafers, like Harry Truman. Did you know he fast walked every day in loafers? The secret service could hardly keep up. I love that image. One time, Alan Funt was filming a Candid Camera segment and the President zoomed by. Funny, right?


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