Muse on Monday – March 7, 2022

We love stories with heroes. Heroes don’t have to be perfect but they have something in them that we want to see in ourselves, whether it is intelligence, bravery, tenacity, or so forth. That’s why we cheer for them.

The best heroes are often unlikely heroes because we can relate to them. Think of Bilbo in The Hobbit. They are ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary times and step up to the challenge. Those types of heroes are the most relatable and the ones the reader will cheer for the most since they, too, are ordinary people (unless you have a lot of superheroes reading your stories).

Today’s prompt:

Write a story about an unlikely hero in an unlikely situation.

This could be a funny story or a serious one or any other genre. It’s totally up to you.

If you do write a story and would be willing to share it with me, you can email me at I’d love to read it. You can also submit it at this link for a chance of getting it published with next week’s prompt. If you post it on your own site, send me the link.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. This is interesting since I just spent the weekend reading a book called Ordinary Heroes about the firemen who died on 9/11. How they ran into the Twin Towers without pause and never came out.

    Then there was a man who saved a woman from falling off the subway platform. His name was Joe, and he was a busboy at a hotel.

    What a great theme David since all heroes are ordinary until they earn their wings, so to speak.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, those types of stories are the most inspiring, I think, since we could put ourselves in that situation and think about what we might do.

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      1. I’d like to think we’d all want to be courageous, the heroes in our own stories.

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