Muse on Monday – February 7, 2022

I hope you are doing well and staying warm. That shouldn’t be a problem if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is summer, or somewhere tropical. But where I am, it is very snowy and pretty cold. Sometimes, when the wind is blowing and it is raining or snowing hard, it might seem like the weather is alive. This is a great thing to use in writing. We call it personification and it’s anytime you describe something that’s not alive as if it’s a person.

This week’s prompt is a good chance to practice that if you want. It is the first line of a story that you can expand on.

I didn’t know that the news was calling this the storm of the century—I just knew I was lost.

If you write a story and want to share it, you can submit it at this link or email it to I might pick one to publish next Monday when the new prompt comes out.

Learn something new this week and write about it. Keep smiling.

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  1. What a great way to describe this raging east coast weather. I never knew there was a term, personification. You’d think I’d know this writing about animals so often, giving them a voice, or trees I feel speak when you walk by them. I’m a better writer David, after reading this since once again you’ve taught me something. Once a teacher, always a teacher, and I say that with great admiration. 🙂

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