Random Birthday Generator

A birthday is a day to be yourself. Kerri, being quite random, decided this was the best way to celebrate her birthday. Her last year of high school, she learned coding just enough to write a random birthday generator.

On her nineteenth birthday, she came back to her dormitory room after dinner in the university dining hall, put on her pajamas, and pulled out the Birthday Box from under her bed. Each article had been carefully selected completely at random.

To Wear (from the box):

  1. A Bride sash from a bachelorette party
  2. A fuzzy owl hat
  3. Football eye black (unavailable, so white tape instead)

To Eat (from the fridge):

  1. A strawberry cake
  2. Jalapeño poppers (cold)
  3. Fried wontons (also cold and unfortunately, slightly stale)

To Watch (from the Internet):

  1. Mars Attacks!

Kerri was just snuggling under her comforter when her roommate Michelle came in. Kerri and Michelle had never gotten along. Michelle thought Kerri was weird, and Kerri thought Michelle was a little too normal.

Michelle eyed the outfit and food.

“You didn’t actually do that random birthday thing, did you?” she asked. Kerri nodded. Michelle rolled her eyes. Then, “Can I join you?”

“If you wear a bridesmaid sash,” Kerri said. She held out the sash. Michelle hesitated, then sat down on Kerri’s bed and slipped it over her head.

“What are you watching?”

“Mars Attacks! It’s pretty terrible, I hear.”

As they munched jalapeño poppers and watched obnoxious aliens attack the White House, Michelle nudged Kerri. “Hey, do you think I could borrow the randomizer for my birthday?” she asked.

“Only if I can join you,” Kerri said.

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