Submission Updates

Happy Wednesday everyone and a happy Eid to everyone who is celebrating that at the moment. I hope you stay safe and enjoy the time with your family.

I wanted to give a few updates about the Green-Walled Treehouse.

1. We have decided to open all submissions to all ages.

Originally a few of the submission types were only for 18 and under, but getting rid of that restriction will simplify things and allow everyone a chance to express themselves and tell their story. As always, stories should be appropriate for teens or kids though.

2. We have decided to withdraw the Summer 2021 Young Writers Contest.

Due to a lack of entries, we are withdrawing this summer’s writing contest. However, we will have more contests and events in the future. In the meantime, we are still accepting story and story idea submissions. You can use one of the links below to submit yours.

Have a great week and keep writing!

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  1. Nice job David. You’ve planted seeds that will come up sooner than you think strong and noble in their intent. You’ll see. 🙂


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