My Pet Rog

My Pet Rog

I have a pet cat.

I found him under the front porch.

I call him Rog since he’s as kind as Mr. Rogers and twice as friendly. What people notice first is that his eyes aren’t the same color as each other.

It makes him unique.

Of course, he doesn’t have fur, which is also pretty unique.

His tail is long and hard at the end, but he’s careful not to hit me with it when we cuddle and I feel his hot side rumbling with purrs.

Like most cats, Rog is a hunter. When I found him under the porch, he was pulling a dead deer underneath it.

It wasn’t a big deer, of course but Rog is pretty big himself.

Another thing you notice about Rog after you get to know him is that he’s got more than four legs. I’ve counted as many as ten but sometimes there are only six.

He’s got long claws and when he gets excited, little flashes of lightning shoot out from them.




Rog isn’t really a cat, just between you and me.

But he is my pet and I love him.

Him and those unique, different-colored eyes.

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  1. This is so sweet. 🙂

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