Gamified Grammar

Gamified Grammar

It was finals day at the X-Box Online High School, and Jamie only had one test left: Fantasy Grammar. His sword technique was okay, but he was still shaky on his verb tenses. He put on his VR goggles.

The scene changed to a snowy forest. A barbarian with an axe appeared and charged at him.

“Imperative!” the man screamed.

“Die!” Jamie shouted and stabbed him.

Another warrior ran from his right. “Future!”

“I will destroy you!” Jamie yelled. The man died like the first.

A wizard threw a fireball at him that turned into a snake. “Present progressive!” it hissed.

“I’m doing pretty well,” Jamie said, stepping to the side and cutting its head off.

An arrow whistled from high in a tree and stuck in Jamie’s virtual chest. As the scene faded to black, Jamie saw the words Past Perfect written on the shaft. He had had problems with that before.

A message appeared on the screen.

Pay $5.00 or get an F. Continue?

Jamie hit PAY. He needed to do better. His dad had only given him $20 for this exam.

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