No one saw it flying towards Earth. No telescopes spotted it. It was invisible.

But everyone felt it, the dancing star.

In the living room, it started with Dad tapping his foot. Mom came in and Dad took her hand and spun her around. The kids started jumping up and down on the couch like frenzied mountain goats. No one told them to stop.

In the kitchen, the cat and dog raced around each other, leaping and rolling.

Flocks of sparrows took flight, doing loops and spiraling up higher and higher into the air.

Out in the forest, a lone bear danced in the moonlight while trout in the river flipped and splashed.

Far away, whales leaped out of the water, twining around each other and singing along with the music in their heads.

All over the world, creation danced, each in their own way.

The star passed. The dog and cat lay back down in the kitchen. Mom went back to her book.

Dad sat down and turned on the TV. “Did you hear music?” he asked. The kids shook their heads.

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  1. David, I just love all the images. They are wonderful. I can so see how they’d inspire kids to write. Makes me want to. It’s such a beautiful site you’ve created. It will catch on. How can it not. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for all your encouragement. I really appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love your prose, you know that. 🙂


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