First Day of Ghoul

First Day of Ghoul

It was the first day of ghoul and three little monsters waited for the ghoul bus.

“This is going to be awesome!” said Pucky, the little red one said. “I’m going to eat a basketball on the first day.”

“I’m going to eat five basketballs,” the tall blue one said. Her name was Lurzz. “And maybe a teacher.”

“You will not,” said Bazzt, the orange one who could not stop moving. He jumped onto the ghoul bus sign. “But maybe I’ll steal the front door as a souvenir.”

They kept saying even more outrageous things they were going to do but eventually they stopped talking. There was a noise down the road and Bazzt gave a little gasp. “Is that it?”

They all looked. It was just a dragula. Pucky looked relieved.

“Do you think it’s okay that I don’t have any feet?” he asked. “What if the others laugh at me?”

“What if I have too many?” Lurzz said, looking down at her six feet. Two of them tapped nervously.

“What if the teacher makes me sit down?” Bazzt howled and bounced around the other two like a high-speed superball.

There was a growl from down the road and the ghoul bus came into view, its red lights flashing and its tentacles bouncing. It stopped and the three little monsters tiptoed on.

A lot of faces looked back at them, sometimes more than one to a body. There were monsters with no arms and some with six arms and one with twelve eyes. One looked like a big ball of hair and there was even a ghost sleeping up against the roof. The only thing that was the same about all of them was that they were all different.

Lurzz looked at the other two and grinned. “I’m going to eat the principal,” she said.

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