Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land

It was dinner time in Dinosaur Land. Trevor the Triceratops was happily eating his favorite food: broccoli. Of course, in Dinosaur Land, everything was huge, so the broccoli was ten feet high.

Suddenly, there was a roar in the bushes. A huge T-Rex burst into the broccoli clearing, its sharp teeth dripping with blood!

“Aaah!” Trevor shouted. “Lex! You got blood on my foot.”

“Oh, sorry,” said Lex, the T-Rex. “It’ll wash off. I just ate a delicious goat. It’s not my fault I like messy foods. You should try it.” He grinned his toothy grin. “You might like it.”

“But, what if . . .” Trevor stopped. He did not want to say. It was his greatest fear. “What if I ate the goat’s butt?”


“But what if . . .” Trevor’s voice became a whisper. “What if it had just farted.”

“It’s all good!” Lex roared. “Don’t be picky!”

“Then have some broccoli.”

“Eww. Now that’s gross,” Lex said and coughed. His breath smelled bad.

Lex’s breath was always bad, but Trevor tried not to mention it. It was not Lex’s fault since his arms were too short to brush his teeth. Sometimes he ate a bambiraptor, which was a tiny dinosaur that tasted like peppermint, so then it smelled a bit better. Trevor could not smell his own breath but he was sure it was okay. After all, he ate broccoli all day.

PaleoEquii, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bambiraptors are just feathery candy canes

After they had a drink in the river, Trevor and Lex walked up the hill in the middle of their territory. There was one large dinosaur far away, but they could not see any others. Lex had said they were going extinct.

When Trevor had first heard the word, he thought it was a-stinked. So, when Lex said that the alectrosaurus had gone extinct, Trevor had replied, “well, your breath is a-stinked!” Lex explained that extinct meant that there were no more of them alive.

“Do you think we’ll go extinct?” Trevor asked as they looked at the stars come out.

“Oh sometime, maybe,” Lex said. “Don’t worry about it. Look, you can see the Fat Goat!” Lex was always hungry and named most of the stars after things he liked to eat.

“But do you think dinosaurs later will know about us?”

“If they find us later, they’ll know we were friends.” He looked over and saw a tear rolling down Trevor’s huge shield face. Lex’s arms were too short, so he leaned over and wiped it away with his snout.

“Cheer up, we’re fine. Now just relax and look at the stars. Where’s the broccoli stars?”

Trevor sniffed and laughed. “Right there.”

“That? That’s the Slow Cow.” Lex’s roar-laugh echoed off the hills around them. “You silly dinosaur.”

Lex’s Star Map

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  1. My favorite color is pink too. It’s a real girl’s hue, young and old. What a wonderful story. Makes one want a Dinosaur of her very own. I remember a T-shirt with one on it. 🙂


    1. Haha, yes. I do too. 🙂


      1. I’m in pink pjs as we speak. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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